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Admit your children in our School managed by Ued at NEPAL and experience in real growth of your children.

Mission And Vision

A school with a holistic educational approach engages students with inclusive and integrated teaching-learning opportuinitites so as to prepare them to be risk takers,problem solvers,effective communicators and proactive 21st century global citizen.

We foster an integrated life for students,teacher and families. Our environment desigined to nurture the unfolding development of the "Whole -child" including the inlellect,artistic,reflective,intuitive & interpersonal knowledge and abilites

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Why Vedanga International School?

A school in prime location with an ample open space,spacious classrooms,well developed and balanced based on STEAM approach where students are challenged with real-world problmes curriculum,well trained and dedicated team of teachers who acts as facilitator and guide in the students learning process who understand the need of every child and motivates them to reach their full potential. Beside academic, we provide diffrent inriching programs, extra and co-curriculars activites to caters the diverse needs anad skills of our students forest school and community programs are desigined to promote the children social and cooperative skills,physical skills,risk management,self estamation,confidence,problem solving skill and a sense of belongimg to foster holistic development in a child.

Guiding Philosphy

We are guided by the philosophy of educating & nurturing the "Whole-Child" that recognize the connections between children social,emotional,cognitive and academic development as well as their physical & mental health.

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